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IML Air Science is a multi-disciplinary provider of air quality services and products. Our engineers, scientists, meteorologists and technicians have provided specialized services to private and public sector clients throughout the United States and the world.

  IML's Lead in Air Method published in Federal Register
  Our principle services include: [view pdf brochure, click here]
  Gravimetric Analyses
  Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems
    Gaseous Air Pollutants
  Monitoring System Operation and Maintenance
  Visibility Monitoring
  Monitoring Network Support & Data Management
  Air Quality Permitting and Dispersion Modeling
  Emissions Inventories
  Transfer Standard Certification
  Wind Energy Resource Assessment [view pdf brochure, click here]
  Instrumentation & Facilities
    Micro-Gravimetric Laboratory
    Designed for PM2.5 Reference Method
    Sartorius micro-balance
    Backup ATI/Cahn micro-balance
    Custom, paperless data system with PM2.5 QC built in
    Separate sample handling room
    Pressurized lab w/ HEPA filtration
    Custom environmental control system
    Integral anti-static system
    PM10 Gravimetric Laboratory
    Designed for PM10 Reference Method
    ATI/Cahn micro-balance for low volume samples, Sartorius 4-place balance for high volume samples
    Custom, paperless data system with PM10 QC built in
    Custom environmental control system
    NIST Traceable Transfer Standards
    High flow rate (1 – 1.5 m3/min)
    Low flow rate (1 – 20 L/min)
    Barometric pressure
    Pressure difference
    Relative humidity
    Mass (50 µg – 5 g)
    Standard gas dilution system
    Other Resources
      800 ft2 shop w/ test gear & extensive parts supply
    Multiple meteorological monitoring audit sets
    Specialized tools for air and meteorological systems repair
    Spare instruments to reduce down time
  Field Support
  Inter-Mountain Laboratories (IML) provides sample collection services from its Gillette and Sheridan, Wyoming locations. Trained technicians use modern sampling equipment and rigorous procedures to assure efficient sampling with maximum integrity. All field personnel are OSHA and MSHA safety trained.
    Air Networks and Measurements
    Air Networks and Measurements
    Particulate (PM10, PM2.5, TSP) network design & operation
    Gaseous pollutants (NOx, CO, etc.)
    Meteorological systems
    Remote systems access and operation
  Information Management
  Quality Control & Objectives

Inter-Mountain Laboratories, Inc. is committed to providing high quality service that meets or exceeds client needs and expectations. Our reputation is built on the value of that service and we will continue to strengthen our quality program.

Inter-Mountain Laboratories, Inc. complies with ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Compliance dictates that all personnel comprehend the quality assurance manual and the quality system as a whole.

We are committed to expanding quality system certifications to meet customer requirements. Certifications expand marketability and reputation.

Main Contact: Tim Mendenhall
(307) 674-7506
[email protected]
Air Science Services
Instrumentation &
Sheridan Weather
Field Support
Quality Control
& Objectives
2021 Runday Calendar 12day [pdf]*
2021 Runday Calendar [pdf]*

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